Glory Willemssen

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Glory Willemssen (16U)

The 16u Glory Willemssen team provides outstanding skills development and competitive opportunities. We provide a high-level playing experience, emphasize fundamentals and teamwork, maintain high academic standards, and instill key life skills that transcend the game.

The Glory program is for dedicated student-athletes and families who have a great passion and respect for the game, who aspire to play at the collegiate level, and who are fiercely competitive. And, for players and families who truly embrace our Purpose Driven Softball movement, who believe in being part of something bigger and creating a powerful environment where players thrive by giving each other their absolute best. This is NOT a “me first” individual-based culture. We provide the highest level TEAM experience; emphasize elite level fundamentals; maintain high academic standards; partner with established recruitment and academic advisors and provide online college networking services, and instill life skills and close-knit relationships that carry through life.

We are so grateful to have played in the 10u, 12u and 14u PGF Nationals in CA and were the 10u Pony Champions in 2015, 2016 placed 3rd place and in 2017 were the 12u Pony National runner-ups. This past year as a young 14u team we place in the Platinum Top 25 at PGF Nationals.

To learn more about the 16u Glory Willemssen, please contact coach Suzy Willemssen at [email protected]

Coaches & Staff


Suzy Willemssen, Coach + Founder

E: [email protected]
P: 703-298-8706

Heather Elias, Asst Coach


Kristina Braxton, Coach

E: [email protected]

Mike Elias, Asst. Coach

E: [email protected]
P: 571-233-5495

#2 Madeline Elias, IF/OF

Class of 2021

#5 Karley Beltran,

Class of 2022

#7 Eva Butler,

Class of 2022

#14 Natalie Elias,

Class of 2022

#28 Daniella Lew,

Class of 2022

#34 Karlee Hughes,

Class of 2022

#88 Cadence Williams,

Class of 2023

#95 Courtney Harrison,

Class of 2022

#99 Christina Willemssen,

Class of 2023

#8 Jamie Roberts,

Class of 2021

#3 Reese Torres,

Class of 2022

#15 Miranda Badham,

Class of 2022
2018 - 14u - Cherry Blossom Tournament (VA) • CHAMPIONS
2017 - 14u - berth to PGF Nationals (CA)
2017 - 14u - USA Elite Select Qualifier (GA) • CHAMPIONS/berth to WFC (MO)
2017 - 14u - ASA First Responder Tournament (VA) • 2nd Place
2017 - 12u - PONY Eastern Nationals (VA) • 2nd Place
2017 - 12u - berth to PGF Premier Nationals (CA)
2017 - 12u - USA Elite Select-Tar Heel Classic (NC) • CHAMPIONS
2016 - 12u - WFC Nationals (SC) • 3rd Place
2016 - 12u - PONY Eastern Nationals (VA) • 3rd Place
2015 - 10u - PONY Eastern Nationals (VA) • CHAMPIONS
2015 - 10u - berth to PGF Nationals (CA)
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February 2018 - PGF Nationals Huntington Beach, CA
The 14u Glory Willemssen has been extended an invitation to the 14u PGF Nationals in CA.

February 2018 - USA Elite Select World Championships
The team will be playing in the USA Elite Select World Championships in Kansas City and PGF Nationals in CA.

Northern VA



Sept 2

UVA Team Camp

Sept 8-9

First Responders Cup Arlington, VA

Sept 14-15

CJ Beatty Workshop and Workout

Sept 29-30

Bash At The Beach College Showcase VA Beach, VA

Oct 12-14

Team NJ Showcase Edison, NJ

Oct 20-21

Demarini Showcase O'Fallon, Il

Nov 3-4

Scenic City Chattanooga, TN

Nov 17-18

Austin Wasserman Glory Throwing Clinic


JULY 28-AUG 4th

PGF Nationals Huntington Beach - Learn More

JULY 9-15th

USA Elite Select World Championships Kansas City - Learn More

JULY 7-8th

Glory Strikeout Cancer for Childrens Hospital - Learn More

JUNE 20-23rd

Team New Jersey Showcase Edison, NJ - Learn More

JUNE 9-10th

16u Queen of Diamonds, Maryland - Learn More

MAY 26-28th

USA Elite Prospects-Atlanta - Learn More

MAY 12-13th

USA Elite Select-Tar Heel Classic - Learn More

APRIL 29th (One Day)

16u Crabtown Cracktown - Learn More

APRIL 21-22nd

Cherry Blossom Tournament - Learn More