A Movement In Fastpitch Softball

The Glory was founded to bring out the greatness in our sport and each other by growing a Purpose Driven Softball movement and community. We believe it takes giving and talented people working together with servant’s hearts to reach our fullest potential. We believe coaches, parents, players, trainers — everyone must give each other their best to create a true TEAM culture where athletes can discover their incredible gifts and build the courage and sense of purpose to share their greatness on and off the field. The Glory organization aligns people’s talents and passions and shares a deep responsibility to serve and give to one another.


Glory develops winners on and off the field. We excel in the classroom, selflessly give to our teammates, play for something bigger than ourselves, and respect the game of fastpitch softball and all those involved. We believe that by loving the game and playing with a deeper purpose, it will fulfill each individual’s potential and create a foundation for life. To be part of Glory, one must exemplify a servant’s heart, display the utmost character on and off the field, and display the will to selflessly work together toward greatness. Simply put, if it’s all about “you” this will not be the right home for you.


Glory players are fierce competitors who work together to bring out the best in each other. We play to win and master the mindset and the skills required to succeed at the collegiate level and beyond. Glory coaches are driven to bring out the best in our players, our families, and our entire softball community. We strive to do away with everything that is wrong with competitive fastpitch and elevate what is great: integrity, unity, commitment, trust, respect, self-esteem, tradition, effort, attitude, responsibility, discipline, mental toughness, self-belief, and giving back.


Glory continues to build a premier softball community of leaders, teachers, recruitment advisers, college coaches, athletic trainers, nutritionists and “life” coaches. Founded by Suzy Willemssen in 2010 (Glory Gold 18U program), the Glory organization has established a strong national reputation and a vast network of key relationships. We compete at the highest level and are regularly invited to compete in “best-of-the-best” exposure events. We partner only with select individuals and organizations who share our passion and philosophies for developing student-athletes, leaders, ball players…and CHAMPIONS.

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