2017 - 2018 Registration is Open

Register for the team closest to your location or get in touch with us to learn what Purpose Driven Softball means to you.

Northern Virginia Based Tryouts

We will have multiple teams in each age group! Please register and for more information please contact Coach Suzy Willemssen at [email protected].

10u  Levin-Sternbeck

The 10u team has completed tryouts. Contact Coach Rich for more information regarding the team.
Rich Levin: [email protected] or 703-402-7215

10u Futures

The Futures team has a few roster openings. Contact Coach Bartoli for more information.  2008-09 birth years.

John Bartoli: 517.218.6805
[email protected]

12u  Kelly & Scott Bronowicz – [email protected]

Tryouts have been completed. Contact Coach Kelly for more information about the team. This team is 06 birth years.

12u Avvisato

The team has a few more roster openings. Please contact Karen Avvisato to schedule a tryout or to get more information.  [email protected]

Practices for both 12u teams will be in Loudoun/Western Fx Co.

13u Premier Willemssen – Suzy Willemssen: [email protected] or 703-298-8706

14u Premier Myers-Mertz

Head Coach: Larry Myers, [email protected]
Asst Coaches: Jay Wimmer, Chuck Hoskins, Mike Mertz, Paul Crouch
Pitching: Taylor Neuhart (Lipscomb University 2017 grad)

14u Knapp (Prince William Co.)
Head Coach: Rance Knapp, [email protected]


16u Premier Mertz-Elias
Head Coach: Mike Mertz, 703-371-3312 or [email protected]
Asst Coaches: Mike Elias, Kevin Bednoski
Pitching: Taylor Neuhart (Lipscomb University 2017 grad)

16u Glory Keyser
Please contact Chris Keyser to schedule a tryout.
[email protected]


18u Premier Mertz-Neuhart
Head Coach: Mike Mertz, 703-371-3312 or [email protected]
Asst. Coaches: Dave Neuhart, Brian Griffith

18u Premier Seidel/Willemssen – [email protected]
Maggie Seidel, Suzy Willemssen, Kristina Braxton

18u Richmond based teams
VA Glory-Richmond
Under the direction of Chris Cauthorne
[email protected]

Please contact Coach Cauthorne for information regarding our Richmond based program.