Jose Vazquez

Midwest Glory Director & Coach

A native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Jose Vazquez migrated to the Midwest and became involved with the world of fastpitch after spending five and a half years serving in the U.S. Army. In the military is where he thrived, taking advantage of the operational structure and becoming one of the youngest in his fort to reach the rank of a sergeant. Jose was fortunate enough to meet his wife of 25 years while serving, and together they went on to raise an amazing young lady, Glory alum Kiana Vazquez. After coming from a broken family, it was crucial for Jose that he was able to say ‘Good morning!’ to his daughter every day as he raised her, and he considers his family to be his greatest accomplishment.

2014 – present

Jose recognized that there was a slew of talent in the Midwest that wanted to do more than just play local ball. With his trustworthy reputation in the softball community and a keen eye for natural talent, he dedicated himself to helping kids from southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois find opportunities to play at the Gold level, eventually allowing them to earn Division 1 scholarships. Jose was able to provide programs with much-needed talent and provide opportunities to those who were ready to take their game play to the next level. Now, people are giving Wisconsin players more love, and Jose is proud to have played a small part in that.

Knowing there was even more he could do for the community and finally understanding his deeper purpose, Jose connected with other leaders in the national softball community. A random phone call about bat speed with Suzy Willemssen sparked the development of Purpose Driven Softball. Week by week, the Glory staff put an amazing amount of trust in Jose as they worked together to construct the overall meaning of Purpose Driven Softball. Suzy recruited Jose to engage with Denny Tincher from Tincher Pitching, with instructors becoming Tincher certified after hours of instruction. Thanks to Jose’s determination to make his vision a reality, these instructors have made a tremendous impact not only on Glory, but on the entire Midwestern softball community.

When Jose thinks about softball, he thinks about how he can help the softball community at large. He has had a great impact on local athletes, pushing them to look past their fears and be the best they can be. He’s most proud of the way he’s changed kids’ lives. Upon running into him one day, a former player, who has pursued a career in acting since graduating from high school, told Jose, “I’m living life with no regrets!” She was mimicking Jose’s advice to her during her time as a player, and Jose walked away from the conversation in tears as he realized what coaching was all about. His true desire is to be the coach he wished he had growing up!

As the Midwest Director of Glory Fastpitch, Jose loves what he does. He’s thrilled to work with a team of leaders who have his back and allow him to go out and find the most dynamic people possible who understand Glory’s vision and are eager to invest in the program’s athletes. After being a member of the softball community for 13+ years, he has helped foster the growth of one of the best player development programs in the nation. He knows that if he wants to surround his athletes with greatness, he must first surround himself with greatness! His visionary thinking, positive outlook, and high-energy spirit are only a few of the things that make Jose a valuable member of the softball community.

2010 – 2014

Jose went on to coach the Bordertown Bandits in its infancy, playing an instrumental role in the program’s launch. He transitioned from being an 11U coach to serving as the Director of Player Development. Here, he pioneered the introduction of trainers into travel ball programs, which had a great impact on the Bandits as well as the larger softball community. This revolutionized travel ball by bringing in experts on agility, speed, strength, and conditioning, all of which are now staples for travel programs throughout the region.

2005 – 2010

Jose’s coaching career began in 2005 when he became a part of the Lakeland little league community. His five years of experience as a coach and three years of experience as a non-voting board member allowed his passion for the game to grow immensely. He was torn up when it came time to leave the world of little league, but Jose knew there was more for him to contribute to the softball community.