Marci Dudley

Marci Dudley


Marci Dudley -

Marci Dudley is the head coach for VA Glory Dudley based in Illinois.  Coach Marci previously coached the Palatine Stingrays 04 team who compiled a record of 293-138.  Of the 2004 team coached each player earned a varsity position their freshman year of high school.

Coach Marci was a “12 season” athlete in high school, where she played volleyball, softball, and was on the bowling team.  After high school, she was offered scholarships to play both volleyball and softball at Danville Area Community College.  She opted to focus on softball only and played two years at DACC before transferring to Eastern Kentucky University.  Following a dislocated patella, she chose to utilize the academic scholarships she had to complete her engineering degree.  She went on to earn a Masters in Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

The highlight of her softball career was playing against Team USA as they prepared for the 2000 Olympics.  She drew a walk, stole 2nd base, moved to 3rd on a wild pitch, and scored on a sacrifice bunt to be the only player on her travel team to score against Team USA.

As a coach, she believes that life lessons are learned on the softball field. She will teach you how to face adversity and play with grit while never being afraid to fail.  She holds players accountable while showing compassion and forgiveness.

Coach Marci lives in Palatine with her husband, Gene and two kids, Gina and Cannon.