Frank Dodson

Frank Dodson


Frank Dodson - Coach

Frank​ ​Dodson​ ​-​ ​Head Coach 14u VA Glory – Salem, Wi

This is Frank’s 8th year with Glory. The first 3 years he was head coach of the 18u program. During those 3 years every player who wanted to play in college is playing in college. Last year Frank was the head coach of the VA Glory 12u out of Salem, Wisconsin. This year he will be the head coach of that same team, moving up to 14u.  Before Glory, Frank coached 11 years with the Kenosha Cyclones. His specialty is hitting, having spent 15 years studying that aspect of the game. He describes himself as a very “ holistic and passionate” teacher and believes in working with a players natural movement patterns as much as possible while also incorporating the key absolutes that elite hitting requires. Being a “ techy” he utilizes all kinds of equipment, tools ( even if he has to make his own), software, video and recently has shown an interest in using virtual reality to augment his teachings. He teaches pitching strategies ( no mechanics) and such subjects as effective velocity and location tracking which can then be transferred over and taught to the hitters as well. He also is well versed in the “ California” style of defense and has utilized Kobata training to learn how to field quicker and attack the ball on defense.

Although he’s an extremely tech-oriented individual, Frank also has a great understanding of the poetry of the game and knows that not everything can be solved with the latest technological toy. With an obvious passion for what he does, Frank is known in the softball community for his humor, wit, and dedication to his players!

Frank has a daughter Taylor who played for the Cyclones from 10u through 16u and who was a 4 year varsity starter for Bradford High School and then a 4 year varsity starter at Lawrence University in Appleton. He is an Air Force veteran and is retired from  Motorola Solutions Inc where he worked as a Systems Technologist. He can be reached at