16 u VA Glory Bain/Ellis

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16 u VA Glory Bain/Ellis

The mission of the 16u VA Glory Bain/Ellis softball team is to mold our players into great athletes, and great successful young women. The discipline they learn from their softball experience will extend into their daily lives. The success they achieve from hard work and perseverance through adversity will teach life lessons that will extend far beyond the diamond. We follow the purpose driven softball model of VA Glory and are committed to creating a sense of sportsmanship and teamwork.  We promote positive social, emotional and physical development in our players. It is also our objective to help create memories that will last these young women throughout their life. Glory Softball is committed to making champions both on and off the Diamond.

– Our goal is to create exceptional softball players ingrained with an understanding of the skills, fundamentals and love of the game.  We strive to use softball as a catalyst to build a strong personal foundation in character, integrity, education, and professionalism for all of our young ladies.

Coaches & Staff


Bryon Bain, Coach

E: bryonbain77@gmail.com
P: 804-930-2007

Thomas Ellis, Coach

E: thomaswellis13@gmail.com
P: 434-774-7716

#20 Reese Owens, Third Base,Middle Infield

Class of 2025
Honors / Awards coming soon

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Southern Virginia