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12U Glory Dodson (12U)

Welcome! The nationally-recognized Virginia Glory Fastpitch Organization will be fielding a 12u team in the Midwest for the 2021-22 season. The team will be based out of the SE Wisconsin region and will be looking for players who aspire to learn and become competitive softball players. No expectations of level of play can be promised at this time for THIS upcoming season due to the uncertainty of the incoming talent level (this will be a newly formed team) but – one thing can be promised – the team’s focus will be to set the foundation and prepare for serious A-Level competition in the future, AND meet the standard of excellence that the Virginia Glory organization has established and been nationally recognized for. This team will be a 2nd year 12u team, meaning players will be required to move up to 14u in the 2022-2023 season. If a player has exceptional talent and/or potential, they are more than welcome to tryout if they are an incoming 1st year 12u player but they need to understand they will be expected to move up with the team to 14u in 2022-2023, as there currently is no team behind this one to stay down for.

Expectations of future players should be aligned to the following:

1. First and foremost, a desire to learn the game and to develop a foundation from which to become a competitive softball player.
2. A desire to participate in Purpose Driven Softball. Click here for an explanation: https://gloryfastpitch.org/about/
3. A desire to have fun. This is something that seems to be getting lost with each passing year. This is a GAME. We are coming out of a very trying last 12 months. Some have dealt with various kinds of personal loss and stress. It is important to get reacquainted with and experience the joy and fun that sports development and competition offer.
4. An understanding that sports build character and are some of the best vehicles for developing personal confidence and the ability to learn from failure, as well as for developing leadership qualities and lessons that will carry on long after your softball career is over.
5. Travel softball MUST be a priority over any other TRAVEL sport (ex. Soccer, Basketball, Cheer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, etc.). We are supportive of multiple-sport athletes and understand the importance of participating in official school sports and activities, so allowances will be made for those. But if your daughter is playing, for example, travel softball AND travel volleyball, and misses a Glory softball tournament (even if it’s just pool play games) for a travel volleyball tournament – this is not the place for her. Travel Glory softball must take priority over other TRAVEL sports.
6. Pitchers are expected to take private pitching lessons to develop this highly specialized skill. Assistance with finding the right instructor will be offered if requested.

The team will be coached by Frank Dodson. Coach Frank will be entering his 18th year of coaching and his 8th year within the Glory organization. Before joining Glory, he coached for the Kenosha Cyclones organization for 11 years. He has coached at every level, including for Glory’s inaugural 18u team as well as for 16u, 14u, 12u and 10u. He is OnBaseU Hitting certified (for more on that, click here: http://www.onbaseu.com/certification/about). He has also completed the USA Softball ACE certification. He is highly technical, but holistic in his approach. His specialty is hitting, but he is fluent in Wasserman Throwing and Kobata Fielding techniques and will integrate those methods into our training program as needed. He is a lifelong learner and student of the game and understands that what may be conventional wisdom today could very well be obsolete in the near future due to the integration of technology into the game, which is constantly revealing new insights.

Coaches & Staff


Frank Dodson, Coach

E: coachfrankdodson@gmail.com
P: 262-744-9066
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