2019 Cherry Blossom

10u–14u Tournament
April 27-28   Fairfax, VA   $500 4gg
Gold & Silver Bracket for all three divisions

Glory is thrilled and honored to be asked by the Vienna Girls Softball League to help host this long running, prestigious event. We are also excited to be running it under the USA Softball umbrella. Teams do not have to be USA Softball individually registered to participate in this tournament, all insurance policies are accepted.



We have partnered with EventConnect for the upcoming tournament season as our official and exclusive accommodations provider. EventConnect has worked very closely with the local hotels to provide the best options on amenities, value and location. We please ask that teams use the hotels provided through this software as they help support our tournament however Glory tournaments are never stay to play.


For Team Reps, please do not hesitate to contact the EventConnect Travel Team Coordinators by email at teamsupport@eventconnect.io or by phone at 1-888-723-2064. These Coordinators will work with your team to find the best options from the available options once your team is in the accommodations system.
For more information regarding anything pertaining to the Cherry Blossom tournament please contact:  tournament@gloryfastpitch.org



2019 TEAMS

14U ( ** Indicates Teams That Have Paid):
Arlington Impact 05 **
Ashburn Shooting Stars 14u-Richie **
Banshees Black **

Delaware Cobras 14u **
Delaware Vipers 05 **
Empire State Huskies South **
Firebirds 2005 **
Glen Allen (VA) Xtreme **
Hanover (VA) Hornets 05 – Simmons **
Havenwood (MD) Revolution **
Hughesville Hustle 14U_Cusic **
Jersey Intensity_Elite **
Jersey Intensity_National **
Loudoun (VA) Liberty Blue **
MD Heartbreakers 05 **
MD Legends 14U **
MD Patriots 05 **
PA Ballhawks **
Panthers Select (PA) 14U Premier **
PA Strikers Ritter **
Renegades FP_Clarke **
Renegades FP_Torres **
Shamrocks 2023 **
SJ Mystics_Skelly **
Southside Fury Williams **
Starz Gold Saunders **
Team Long Island 2023 **
VA Glory 13u_ACT **
VA Glory 14u_Avvisato **
VA Glory Red Gooder **
VA Lady Lightning Gold-Wools **
VA Legends Arroyo/Fellman **
VA Legends Freitager**
VA Stars_Hargis **
VA Unity Lampman**
VA Unity 14u Norris **

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 ( ** Indicates Teams That Have Paid):

Ashburn Shooting Stars 2024 **
Banshees Red 12U **
Chesterfield Havok Purple **
Firebirds 06 **
Hanover (VA) Hornets Hughes **
Jersey Intensity_DeWaters **
Lady Titans **
Leesburg Revolution 06 **
Loudoun Liberty **
McLean Magic 06 **
MD Heartbreakers **
MD Legends 12U **
Newtown Rock 12U National **
Ohio Lasers Gray 07 **
PA Krunch 12U Futures **
Renegades FP 12U_D’Amico **
Renegades FP 12U_Duran **
Renegades FP 12U_Plath **
PA Ballhawks Black **
Shamrocks ’06 **
SJ Mystics Cavanaugh **
SJ Mystics Machinski **
Starz Gold Wilson **

Starz Gold Lee
Team Long Island 2024 **
Team Long Island 2025 **
VA Edge 12U **
VA Glory Bronowicz 06 **
VA Glory Sternbeck **
VA Glory Red Keelen **
VA Glory Red Mistretta **
VA LLG_Thomas **
VA Unity 12U_Byars **
VA Unity Johnson_12U **


10u ( ** Indicates Teams That Have Paid)
Ashburn Shooting Stars 10U **
Chesterfield Havok 10U **
Firebirds 10U **
Hanover (VA) Hornets **
Loudoun Liberty 10U **
McLean Magic 10U **
MD Heartbreakers_10U **
MD Terror 10U **
New Kent (VA) Lady Giants 2K8 **
Renegades FP 10u **
Shamrocks 10U_Cornett **
SJ Mystics **
VA Glory_Levin **
VA Glory Red_Lola **
VA LLG Kim **
VA Unity_Johnson 10U **

***********WAITLIST ONLY***********

HRYS Glory **